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health – bioenergotherapy

Edward Muizenyk He comes from Latvia and has lived in Poland for 20 years. He is an outstanding healer, a certified bioenergosugestologist of a higher category. Heals with an unusually strong field of energy. He developed his own method of diagnosing, based on the vision of ill organs during scanning with their third eye (operation without a scalpel). He starts the third eye with the subject, thanks to which he can see his sick places. The patient observes the process of healing his organs through the light of healing energy. With the help of suggestion, with great ease, without any effort of will, he frees from addictions: smoking, obesity, depression, while programming for success. After the screening, there is a lasting improvement in mood and a surge of faith in one’s own strength. Effectively releases people from spine and osteoarticular disorders through soft, safe manual therapy and craniosacral therapy. He continues the gift of healing given to him by Grandma, who was a well-known squatter in Latvia. In making the correct diagnosis. The therapist can help in situations when the patient, despite numerous studies, analyzes experiencing pain and bad mood, and has difficulty in determining what is wrong with him. The healer helps in Getting rid of the habit of smoking, excessive eating, dealing with other addictions … Regeneration of weakened and diseased skeletal system, motor organs, rheumatism, migraines, insomnia, neuroses, depression, chronic pain states … Rejuvenation of the body, improving the appearance of the skin, flattening and elimination of wrinkles … Each treatment depresses and positively affects the nervous system. Meeting with a therapist is an unforgettable experience, because the patient makes contact with him telepathic and enters the alpha state (the borderline of sleep and waking). price PLN 90 / treatment 45 minutes