Pracownia metamorfozy teatralno filmowej make-up Astre

Motto: “Develop your talents, you got them from God, unmanaged ones go out like burned stars …”

Karolina Ulińska – A certified makeup stylist, a woman of many talents and passions.

Professional training instructor stylist, a photographer with a passion.

Laureate of the 1st place of the Characterization and Costume Championships in Łódź, winner of the Art dummy 2013.

Laureate of the 1st place of the Creative Makeup Championships in Łódź, winner of the Glass Rose 2012.

Founder of the Theater and Theater Metamorfoza Astre make-up 2011

Which has now expanded its activity.

The Astre studio under the leadership of the founder has its headquarters on ul. Goat in Poznan,

Karolina Nagórska

“Nobody knows where the path will take him, until he stops at his destination.”
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

German language student, scout instructor, teacher.

In her free time, she would travel endlessly and read books, enjoying her words.

He has more ideas than he is able to pursue, he loves changes and challenges.

He has always been passionate about handicraft – now he sews, heaves baskets made of paper wicker, wraps notebooks.

Nevertheless, he also willingly runs workshops.

Joanna Nawrocka – Graduate in Interior Design at the University of Arts in Poznań.

I am particularly interested in museum exhibitions. He is currently a full-time mother, he also deals

designing residential interiors for an individual customer’s order and designing logotypes.

He loves mountain climbing and loves to ride on roller skates. He has been sewing for some time.

All photos posted on are by Karolina Ulińska Artist