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children’s photography

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He invites you to the world of children’s photography in Poznań and Murowana Goślina
Pictures of children will remind us of the time that passes so quickly.

The perfect picture is a moment that contains the core.
The moment in which many factors are played together,
such as, face, child’s position, light, camera settings.
Sometimes, at such a moment, it takes time for others to be together again only a moment.

Children’s photography is an invaluable souvenir, photos of children
we will hang on the walls of our house, and our children will proudly show
their children’s photographs in the future to their relatives

What is the photo shoot of newborns and children?
Children’s photo sessions take place in our studio or at your home.
If the session takes place in the studio to ensure the greatest comfort for the child
you take with you, your own cosmetics to which the child is accustomed,
milk, dinner, drinking, diapers, change clothes, pacifier, favorite teddy bear, etc.
The studio is equipped with a heater for milk and jars as well as a sterilizer and a kettle.
If, however, photos of children are held at your home,
we take with us photographic backgrounds, lighting, accessories, clothes, etc.
Your house turns into a small photo studio that day.

Photograph of newborns
Your child is still not very mobile and usually sleeps,
photo session of children is always performed in a child-friendly atmosphere.
There is time for feeding, hugging, rewinding, and falling asleep.
Pictures of children are performed in the child’s biorhythms, never the other way around.
The photographer adjusts to the child.
Newborn sessions are best performed up to 2 weeks of age,
however, the sooner the better. It is recommended to book an appointment during pregnancy.
The baby is placed in the embryo position after the birth,
such as in my mother’s tummy.
From here, photos of newborns in small baskets or other smaller accessories
they are always carried out without any harm to our little consolation.

Children’s photography
Pictures of 1.2 or 3 months old children can also be taken
arranged in baskets, however, the position of such a baby
it is completely different now.
Children about 4-5 months of age begin to fall over
from the back to the tummy and vice versa, it is a difficult moment to grasp
and taking children’s photographs.
Therefore, it is recommended to perform sessions when the child is already sitting.
Children, both 6-month old and older, annual or two-year-old children
they are already busier. That is why these sessions must also take place
in a child-friendly atmosphere.
Sometimes the session itself lasts shorter than the entire binding.
It is time to drink food, play, cuddle, dress up the child.

I know from experience that children really like photo sessions.
They love to be the center of attention, casual, without embarrassing clothes.
During the children’s session, music with children’s songs flies,
kids are dancing, singing, they are smiling.

The offer of children’s photography in Poznań and Murowana Goślina
Paying special attention to the individuality of children in Packages
which I present below do not assume in advance the number of hours.
Children’s session can last 4 hours, 3 hours, or sometimes even enough
1h. It all depends on our children.

The Astre studio has the highest quality Canon photo printer

And the highest quality Canon photo paper.

Calling a photo from the session:

up to 20 photos 2 PLN / more than 20 photos 1,6 PLN / pcs

Parents are asked not to take photos during the session.

All photos posted on are by Karolina Ulińska Artist

A children’s photographer in Poznań is invited to the world of the best artistic photography