Pracownia metamorfozy teatralno filmowej make-up Astre

artistic photography

Time passes, photo remains …

photography is a moment that contains the core …

Guided by this motto, we invite you to family photography

Artistic wedding photography
The session takes place at the date chosen by you
This session full of magic, love and joy is the beginning of a new life
Artistic wedding session are photos of the Bride and Groom
stylized artistically in the studio or outdoors.

Artistic wedding photography is not a wedding reportage
The price includes a wedding package in the promotion including:
Bride’s make-up, hairstyle and accessories 10% discount

Photos from the session of wedding photography you receive in beautiful
wedding album, payable additionally.
Other pictures on a CD or DVD after graphic processing
ready to be called.

– 15th processed in studio or outdoors price PLN 650

– 10 pictures in studio or outdoors price PLN 450

– 5 photos in the studio price PLN 300

Business Photography
Business photography is aimed at people looking for professional business photos

The president, employee, company, product etc. for the company’s corporate website are images that build the image, authority and enhance the company’s prestige.

cost 1am 100 zloty

With more pictures, the price is set individually

Pregnancy session
The pregnancy session is the next stage of your happiness, captured in photography

I will remind you of this wonderful period of pregnancy.
The pregnancy session takes place in a studio or outdoors
It is recommended in the period between 7-8 months of pregnancy
The visage and stylization of the future mother and a dress at the price of the pregnancy session
There is also the possibility of painting the belly extra payment of 30 PLN-100 PLN

10 pictures PLN 350 + 10% discount for a neonatal session
15 photos PLN 400 + 10% discount for a neonatal session

Session I Communion
It’s an artistic photo session, your child in a studio or outdoors

It is both a great souvenir and a gift for the First Communion.

5 photos PLN 200
10 photos PLN 280
Youth sessions
Sessions in the studio or outdoors, in the price of makeup and costumes and accessories

located in the state of Astre. Picture after graphic processing on a CD.

10zdj / 250zł
15 zl / 350 PLN PROMOTION PLN 300
20zdj / $ 500

The Astre studio has the highest quality Canon photo printer

And the highest quality Canon photo paper.

Additional staff from the session PLN 30

All photos posted on are by Karolina Ulińska Artist